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About the teaching concept
        During the past eighty years since its establishment, Guiyang No.2 High School has been following the educational principles of humanism; paying great attention to cultivating its students’ sense of being the masters of the classroom; developing their potential and actively pursuing quality oriented education.?As a result, it has achieved remarkable accomplishments.

About the students’ activity
       Based on the learning style of being discreet and practical, Guiyang No.2 High School fully respects the development of individual students and strives to create an educational atmosphere of democracy, openness, liveliness and harmony, which is the spirit and pride of Guiyang No.2 High School.?A special feature of the School is the large variety of opportunities available for the students to develop their other abilities. Students acquire the unity of knowledge and practice by “playing in learning” and “learning by playing”, through all kinds activities, such as the Arts Festival, , Science Week, Organized Sports, the Students Union, displays of talent (dance, music, art) on the campus. Besides, there is also lots of International Exchange Activity for the student.

 About the achievement and future
       In the past eighty years, Guiyang No.2 High School has achieved a lot of prized which was awarded by the government. ?Looking ahead, Guiyang No.2 High School is facing a bright and prosperous future.?Tomorrow, Guiyang No.2 High School will surely be even more splendid.

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